SolarGard Home Window Tint.

Your Experts since 2008 for Home Window Tint and Security Film. Window Barrier is a proud distributor of Solar Gard.  See our $300 Rebate Form below.

Reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 30%.

When it comes to choosing the right installer for window tint for your home, office or business, you can count on Window Barrier by Solar Gard for quality products at affordable prices.  


Solar Gard is the preeminent film manufacturer having been a manufacturer since 1944.  Solar Gard guarantees your satisfaction with their products with a money back guarantee.


-Keeps out dangerous UV Rays.

-Reduces heating and cooling costs by up to 30%.

-Protects expensive flooring and furniture from fading in the sun.

-Helps cool a "hot" room.

-Stops a glare on a TV or slightly dims a room that's just too bright from the sun.

-Creates privacy from the outside world.

Window Barrier offers all types of tint including Dual Reflective, Reflective, Privacy, Ceramic, Graffiti prevention and Security Film.  Click below to learn more about each of the window tints available and allow us to give you a free quote by filling out our "Free Estimate."

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Selection of Window Films

Listed below are the Window Films we offer for your home, office or commercial building. These include the performance data of each film.


Window Barrier
Pure Vue Ceramic

"See Clearly"

Clearly see the world beyond your windows with the Pure Vue Ceramic Film Series. Leveraging one of nature’s most durable elements, this innovative film line boasts significant heat and glare rejection while still maintaining views.

With low reflectance that enhances the natural appearance of glass, Pure Vue is your answer for keeping your view yet beating the damage and heat from the sun's rays. Do you have "that" room that just stays hot or windows that cause a glare?  You will love Pure Vue Ceramic. This film is also great for eliminating furniture fading.

Performance Data

Glare Reduction - 94%

Light Transmittance - 51%

Visible Light Reflectance (exterior) - 13%

Ultraviolet Rays Blocked - 99%

Total Solar Energy Blocked - 47%


Window Barrier True Vue

"You'll love the look"

Dual Reflective - Are you looking for a window film that will reduce solar heating from the sun to help cool a room or remove a glare on a tv but won't change the view from inside but is somewhat reflective on the outside to enhance the look of your windows?  True Vue is your film.

Performance Data

Glare Reduction - 94%

Light Transmittance - 31%

Visible Light Reflectance (exterior) - 22%

Ultraviolet Rays Blocked - 99%

Total Solar Energy Blocked - 61%

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Window Barrier Bronze 35

Solar Bronze 35 series adds a warm copper finish to architectural windows, harmonizing with natural, earthy color schemes.

  • Warm copper finish refreshes building aesthetics

  • High heat rejection improves indoor comfort

  • Increased privacy for building occupants

  • Protect people and property from damaging UV rays

Visible Light Transmittance - 35%

Visible Light Reflectance - 29%

Ultraviolet Rays Blocked - 99%

Total Solar Energy Rejected - 70%


Window Barrier Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel products have a neutral grey tone that complements any color scheme. They are a perfect solution for improving heat rejection without giving a ‘mirror’ look.

Key Benefits

  • Neutral tone increases occupant privacy without significantly altering the look of the building

  • Lower visible reflectance maintains views to the outside

  • High heat rejection results in improved indoor comfort

  • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays

Performance Data:

Visible Light Transmittance - 34%

Visible Light Reflectance (exterior) - 20%

Ultraviolet Rays Blocked - 99%

Solar Energy Rejected - 54%


Window Barrier Security

Even though vandals may try to shatter your glass window, make it extremely difficult for them to enter your home or business.  Security Barrier also prevents glass from spraying dangerously if hit by an object. Watch the video below for a great demonstration of Security Barrier's ability to prevent entry.

Optically clear, colorless and undetectable on glass, Armorcoat® safety films maintain the natural appearance of your windows day or night. The resilient layers of high-tensile polyester and aggressive adhesives provide exceptional impact resistant capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Deters unwanted intruders from home or business

  • Reduces the likelihood of injury from flying glass

  • Virtually invisible maximizing your view through the windows

  • Protect people and property from damaging UV rays


Window Barrier Graffiti Protection

Protects Windows, Doors and Buildings

Graffiti and vandalism interrupt your operations and damage your reputation. They can be expensive and difficult to remove or restore the original appearance. Solar Gard can help resolve all of these points.

Every minute that a train or escalator is out of service, stations are damaged, or equipment is vandalized, revenue is lost and reputations are sullied.

Solar Gard anti-vandalism films quickly and cost-effectively erase graffiti and vandalism – like it never happened.


Who We Are

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Window Installation

Window Barrier Warranty

Window Barrier Warranty:

Window Barrier is a distributor of Saint-Gobain Solar Gard LLC (“SGSG”) and SGSG warrants all Solar Gard® Solar Control Films against adhesive failure, bubbling, cracking/crazing, delamination, demetallization, peeling, or other manufacturer’s defect; provided and on the condition that the Products were properly sold and installed on an appropriate glass surface by an authorized dealer in accordance with all recommended installation procedures. Please see dealer for details, this is a limited lifetime warranty (security/graffiti barrier come with 3 year warranty only).  


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